Photo of the Lab Building

The L. Shirley Tark Turbo & Jet Engine Research Center, at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, is the main Israeli academic entity for jet engine propulsion and gas turbines. Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Laboratory, a division of Technion Turbo & Jet Engine Center, carries out basic and applied research incorporating theoretical and experimental studies, and it is supervised by Assoc. Prof. Beni Cukurel.


The Technion Turbo & Jet Engine Laboratory aims to conduct cutting-edge research and advanced development in the field of gas turbines for propulsion and power generation applications. The turbomachinery center mainly focuses its effort on the hot gas section, consisting of the combustor and the turbine. The scientific contributions are primarily applicable towards small scale engines, which are commonly used in distributed power generation, business jets, unmanned air vehicles, auxiliary power units, marine applications etc.


In light of more stringent emission requirements, demand for increased power to weight ratio, the progressively augmenting durability requisites, and critical necessity to improve cycle efficiency, the laboratory develops technology at the frontiers of the current knowledge with advances in:

  • Gas Turbines: Micro-Turbomachinery, Design for Additive Manufacturing, System and Component Analysis/Development, Reduced-Order Modeling, Aero-Thermal Optimization.
  • Basic and Applied Heat Transfer: Heat Transfer Enhancement, Thermal Management, Thermo-Acoustics of Solids.
  • Measurement Technique Development: Infrared Thermography, Liquid Crystal Thermometry, Schlieren Imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry, Hotwire Anemometry.

Group Photo in the Engine Museum