Induction Phase Radiometry for TBC Properties Assessment

Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are engineered to provide sustained thermal protection to engine components that are exposed to excessive heat load. In the wake of this application, a reliable, non-intrusive and quantitative thermal property measurement method is in high demand to assess the coating performance. Yet, the measurement of the thermal conductivity of thin ceramic coatings remains one of the most complicated problems in ceramic technology and thermal physics owing to the absence of precise methods to measure very small temperature differences between hot and cold surfaces of a specimen. The goal of our research is to create an in-situ method of assessing TBC properties using induction phase radiometry (provided the TBC is deposited over ferrous metal substrate). The method relies on application of induction heating element on the exposed surface of the TBC and measurement of the response using high frequency pyrometer.

TBC Properties Measurement via Induction Phase Radiometry