Conjugate Heat Transfer

Flow Over ObstacleThe research program focuses on fundamental aero-thermal studies in conjugate heat transfer investigations geared towards turbine, combustor lining, and electronic cooling applications. Both analytical and experimental studies of heat transfer enhancing cooling geometries should reproduce the correct thermal boundary conditions. Especially in case of large spatial thermal gradients and/or geometrical asperities, the heat transfer impact of wall temperature distribution may be large. To be able to reproduce this effect, large scale models, conserving the application specific similarity parameters, are developed. The thermal measurements are conducted by thermography via infrared camera and liquid crystals, where the correct solid-fluid temperature ratio is maintained by industrial temperature control unitsThermography of Flow Over Obstacle and/or power supplies. For the aerodynamic part, while the high frequency flow quantities are measured by mature techniques such as hot wire anemometry and particle image velocimetry, the steady component is characterized by pressure scanners.